Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anti-Bush Graffiti: 25 Countries, Six Continents

Barack Obama recently made headlines with his eight-day tour of Europe and the Middle East.Many analysts here and abroad agree it was a smart political move for the U.S. presidential nominee, but some argue it was just a drop in a substantial bucket of goodwill needed to improve international relations with America.As President George W. Bush nears the end of a mostly disastrous eight-year term, he too should be given credit for public appearances overseas.Traveling by air — er, compressed air, that is — and landing on everything from brick walls to telephone poles to the doors of trash chutes, Bush boasts a presence in just about every last world.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Faded from foot traffic, the sidewalk mugshot reads: Wanted Dead: George W. Bush, for crimes against humanity and the planet.

Berlin, Germany
Bush faces off with Osama bin Laden outside a record store in Berlin. War is terror, the caption reads.
Senator Obama’s tour included a stop in Berlin, where he gave a speech to a crowd of more than 200,000. American blogger Fred Wilson responds: “This kind of worldwide popularity is something we need in the US right now.”

Colonia, Uruguay
This makeshift banner welcomed Bush to Uruguay in March of 2007, when Bush met with President Tabaré Vasquez.
Translated, the greeting reads: Your dead, hungry, unemployed, disappeared [illegally imprisoned], lying cronies salute you.

Durango, Mexico

Wellington, New Zealand
Give Bush an inch, and he’ll bomb a country, one stencil remarks.
Bush’s critics argue he never should have sent troops to battle without Congressional approval. Legally, the power to declare war lies in the hands of the Congress, not the President.

Gullbringusysla, Iceland
Flanked by missiles, could Bush be folding his hands in prayer?

San José, Costa Rica
Translation: Mentally ill in service of capital.

Rome, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

Rosario, Argentina
Joyfully riding a missile — gut protruding, cowboy hat waving — Bush’s embodiment of Texan stereotypes is as much the subject of this artist’s mockery as the President’s flippant attitude toward explosives.

Mito, Japan
Prolific graffiti artist Og Akim shares his rich political artwork at the X-Color exhibit in Japan.

Johannesburg, South Africa
A donkey-eared Bush and his toy tank ponder their next move.

Bush is pictured here with Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister when this photo was taken in 2006.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
Bush, a United Methodist, tries on some Devil horns in the city of Jesus’ birth.
On June 10, 2000, the President declared Jesus Day in Texas.

Riga, Latvia

Victoria, BC, Canada
On a brick wall in Victoria, British Columbia, Bush discusses world domination with Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. (The dialogue references a mid-90s animated television show, Animaniacs, which began airing in Canada late last year.)

What are we going to do tonight, George?
What we do every night, Steve. Try to take over the world.

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Lyrics to the United States national anthem take on a less hopeful meaning.

Wrocław, Poland

Styria, Austria

London, England
Painted on a wall facing East London’s members-only Shoreditch House is this poignant portrait.


Anonymous said...

"The dialogue references a mid-90s animated television show, Animaniacs, which began airing in Canada late last year."

Ummm, what? If it's a joke it's only mildly funny. Animaniacs aired here in Canada in the 90's just like it did everywhere else. Also, it's not even Animaniacs, it's Pinky and the Brain.

Chad said...

Um, Pinky and the Brain was a sketch inside of the TV Show Animaniacs... Pinky and the Brain didn't have their own TV show to my knowledge...

TheAMERICANPatriot said...

F**k the world and their opinions. It's not their president, or maybe we should bash on their leaders too. Their opinions don't mean sh*t, just because someone outside the US doesn't like our pres. isn't going to make him step down. Let's see, of those countries displaying graffiti, many don't have a good track record. Germany: Hitler tried to exterminate the jews and take over the world about 65 yrs. ago. Mexicans have no room to talk, with some 12 million illegal immigrants in the US, Mexicans account for about 60%, they sure seem to like the US.
Japan, well they're just bitter about being nuked, TWICE, in WWII.
South Africa, well those geniuses tried to kill off and imprison the native blacks, through apartheid. Palestinians, well they don't even have a real country, they have some territory sure, but most of it is disputed with Israel, and they aren't going to outright win it anytime soon, not without israel just giving up. When will the Palestinians realize that Israel doesn't play games, you kill 3 or 4 Israeli's, they kill 30or 40 of you, it's a losing situation. Sure, the US has had it's share of problems and is not perfect, but to the rest of the world, excluding Israel and England here is a big FU*K YOU!!!!!

I'm out.

MorrisTigerson said...

Yes Pinky and the Brain was originally a segment on Animaniacs, but it did eventually become its own show. I'm not sure when it started playing in Canada however.

Anonymous said...

Dear Americanpatriot, you are a classic example of why other countries and some americans DON'T like America. People are allowed to speak their minds and if you dont like what they have to say, dont listen and walk away. I;m an American and I agree that not just bush but this whole country needs to fix for all of its flaws. I will fight for my country if my freedom or way of life is under attack, but its not so we just need to pull back and worry about what goes on here at home not in the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

dear americanpatriot
your a an effing moron
your the reason americans hate to be americans

your just simply scum

Anonymous said...

wow. american patriot sums it up really.

Flipmoe said...

@ american patriot

Your the exact reason most of the world hates america, your fuck yeah attitude is really pathetic, ur country is destroyng countless others by invading/controlling/occupying, meanwhile its falling apart at its own core. you need to to really sort ur own country out before u go around trying, and failing, to sort out others.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of good air... TheAmericanPatriot. Just look at the title he/she gave himself/herself. How conceded.
Come on man, get your head out of your ass and smell the coffee. The real world is outside of the good ole USofA. The media has their fingers into everything, thus the blinder-wearing Americans think that the world revolves around themselves. Get off your high-horse.
George Dubya and his media control has really brainwashed you and yours. What a sad fact.
In the mean time, get out of your box and see the world. There is so much to see and experience. Then you may see the reason that the world think so little of puppet G-Dubya and his string pullers.

TheAMERICANPatriot said...

HAHAHA!!!! i knew i could get a rise out of some people, thats just great. i could care less what the world thinks of americans, i know they hate us, i have seen it first hand. I'm not as sheltered as you might think. I've been to southwest asia, southeast asia, northwest asia, oceania(new zealand, australia...), and cen. america so i know what the life is outside the "good ole usa". Yeah i visited those places, some were nice some not, but would i move there? No Fuc*ing way.I love the freedom i have here. one of those freedoms i have is free speech to talk as much crap as i want, and say whats on my mind.
Now as far as being bush's puppet, not even close, i hate basically all politicians/politicos, they are liers and scum, yes bush and obama included. i have just come to hate the rest of world as much as they hate me!!!

Anonymous said...


Think about it, who defaces things to put out their opinion? Communist trash. Same as always.

Did you ever see that kind of graffiti about Carter? About Clinton? Of course not, respectable and intelligent people just don't resort to destroying and defacing things to protest world leaders they don't like.

Communists and anarchists do though, it's their nature. They cannot compete with reason. They fear the concept justice. They mock those who expect them to police their own actions and be responsible for what they do.

It's nothing new. Reagan was hated. He brought about the end of the Soviet Union and the constant threat we faced of Global thermonuclear war. He was mocked in music videos, graffiti, TV shows, movies etc...

I'm beginning to thing trash like the images posted here are a hallmark of a great leader. Trash hates them. Maybe Bush is better than I think he is.

Keep up the destruction. A man should be judged not only by his friends, but by his enemies. If low life vermin hate bush enough to paint images of penises over his face, he must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...


Dude you're too fucking stupid. Go eat shit, and lick some BUSH's ass as you probably do every morning.

Just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Afficianados may also enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

on the one from Iceland it says

War soon come

worldpeace will criticly damaits usa economics system

Anonymous said...

Hey happy to see the one from Iceland, havent seen it since i sprayed it with few friends :)
Actually its from the time when USofA sshole invaded Irak.

Anonymous said...

"Rosario, Argentina
Joyfully riding a missile — gut protruding, cowboy hat waving — Bush’s embodiment of Texan stereotypes is as much the subject of this artist’s mockery as the President’s flippant attitude toward explosives."

Very nice compilation, but this image is most likely just a reference to Dr. Strangelove: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. It's a film from 1964, and contains a scene of a portly man in cowboy boots riding the bomb out of the back of an airplane. Nothing in the image itself that indicates to me that they have attempted to make it more relevant to our times than it already is. It doesn't resemble Bush anymore than it just looks like the actor from the movie.

One way or another, America may eventually have an actual revolution, not some pathetic quarrel over human rights violations, and grow to be a mature country that isn't constantly enforcing the fruit of its skewed ideologies on other countries.

angela said...

"It's not their president, or maybe we should bash on their leaders too."

Maybe? We already do! LOL. We criticize everyone else's leaders all the time. Hello.