Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Tough Guy competition - Come on baby!

Tough Guy is a traditional English challenge, in which the participants have to use every ounce of their energy just to get to the finish line. to give you an idea of how tough this event is, the promoters say that the US S.E.A.L.S. “Grinder” Assault Course is the only thing that barely comes close in terms of difficulty.

Here are some photos taken during the Tough Guy race

Don’t be fooled, the Tough Guy competition is tough! So if you are mad keen to try this challenging event you’ll need to be in good physical condition, and be prepared to receive some bruises, cuts and infections. You’ll also need to accept the fact that you’ll run a risk of a serious injury or death (yes really, some guy died during the event a few years back).

Tough Guy Competition Tips

If you would like to compete in the summer or winter Tough Guy event you’ll need to visit the Tough Guy website … click here for a registration form and other info. The Tough Guy site and information pack have loads of useful information to help you prepare for the event.

Having completed the Tough Guy event we have compiled the following information which you might find useful.

Register early… next competiton 27 July 2008
Register: the sooner you register the better! Register your own team (min of or as an individual. See the Tough Guy website to register. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive an info pack.
Collect donations: The Tough Guy event is a charity event. The info pack will have a sponsorship form so please do your best to collect for their worthwhile charity.
Car Park Pass: Send off for a car parking pass when the info pack arrives. They do not allow parking on the road, so you’ll need the pass.
Train long before the event: we will be doing…
Running: lots of cross-country running. Enter a few local running events.
Mountain Bike: Put some miles on the old bike.
Climb: there a good few climbing obstacles on the Tough Guy event and although they have ropes, spending some time on the climbing wall or ‘real rock climbing’ will be beneficial.
Gym: plenty of trips to the gym or some ‘keep fit’ stuff will also help. The whole body gets a good workout during the event.
The night before the event…
Carbo load: have a big meal loaded with carbo-hydrates.
Don’t drink beer: I don’t know why I included this because its impossible for us to not have beer when we get together. But seriously, alcohol will dehydrate the system, and cause difficulties for you during the event. In past Tough Guy events guys have been hospitalised for dehydration as a result of alcohol the night before
Team meeting: you can participate as part of a team (min 8 persons) or on an individual basis. We will run another team and we’ll have a team meeting the night before the event to confirm, transport, meeting times, what to do in case someone gets injured…